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"Epstein-Barr Virus Transformational Workshop" 

Reveals how to...

In just 2 days, Experience a Deeper personal healing around EBV... 
and connect with
a community of others just like you.

Start the Journey now.

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DATE: LIVE Thursday and Friday, August 22 - 23, 2024 (No replays)

TIME: 10am-12pm PST [1pm-3pm EST]

WHERE: Zoom live with Dr. Kines!


BRING A FRIEND: for only $27 [email [email protected] to ask how]

BONUS: Live Best EBV Food Hacks  (Sat 9am PT)

RECORDING?: Will NOT be available, so that we facilitate the deepest transformation; it will not be recorded to create a safe container.

Video Testimonial from Chris P
To say this workshop was transformational is an understatement! 

It truly gave me a whole new perspective on all my health struggles. Before the workshop started, I didn’t think I would do all the homework, especially the cooking, but Dr. Kasia was so kind and encouraging and the breakout sessions with the other attendees was eye-opening, so by the end of the 3 days I ended up wanting to do it all - and the recipes were surprisingly delicious!! 

I can’t wait until the next one!

I thought your EBV Transformational Workshop was exceptional!

It was factual, honest, straightforward, and presented with calmness, consideration and lightheartedness. Just the way such serious stuff can be accepted by those suffering. 

Amber DeAnn, Life Coach
From the Desk of: Dr. Kasia Kines
Re: How To Finally Put An End To the Brain Fog, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression and Isolation caused by EBV

Does this sound like you? 

One of our students once said (before she recovered with us)...

"Some days I could only master taking a shower. And that was ALL I had in me for the day. After that, I was spent and had to sleep the rest of the day..."

Is that you too?

You are at a mercy of chronic Epstein-Barr Virus infection and really just want to get your life back... wondering if that is too much to ask... You just want to feel like a human again, free from anxiety and sheer terror over your deteriorating health. Free from hopelessness and anxiety about your future. Free from feeling so alone and misunderstood in this painful circumstance that doesn't seem to ever end.

You dream of having "normal" brain focus - could someone just turn off that thick cloud over your thinking....You dream of "normal" energy... you know, like other people have - going about their daily business without worrying about crashing by the afternoon. Ultimately, you want to live without thinking about the next time you are bed-ridden again from the overbearing fatigue..., brain fog, vertigo, pain... gut problems... you name it...

In fact, right now, your life would already greatly improve if you could just stop worrying about every single task you try to embark on or any simple thing you eat, and wonder how you're going to make it through the day without crashing...  how long you can keep up with your job demands.

You may also be feeling frustrated by the fact that no matter what you do, you just can't turn your brain fog and your exhaustion off. And depressed by doctors telling you "it's all in your head" so exercise or get on an antidepressants. You KNOW exercise makes you crash. You KNOW you don't need medication.

There is no one out there who understands and no one who really knows how to help you.

The isolation is profound.

I can tell you...

You're Not Alone!

"What do I have to do to make myself feel better, 
have ‘normal’ energy and get rid of my brain fog again? 
Can I ever get over EBV?"

I know how you feel...

...I've seen more people than ever in the last few years suffering from chronic Epstein-Barr Virus. It seems that many people are in your exact same situation - likely due to a stacking effect of deep stress, over-working, over-giving [comes with being an empath too], low self-love, over-achieving, and "not-so-ideal" nutrition and sleep that often come with these circumstances... in the overly complicated lives we have to live now. 

Chances are, you've also struggled with the idea that you may have to give up things you used to love forever. That you will not be able to bike, dance or climb mountains again, travel or run with your children in the park... or go for that dream job. 

Look - I get it. I actually really get it. (I lost a friend to complications of an autoimmune disorder likely triggered by EBV and I had EBV myself). At the end of the day, you just want to live pain-free and worry-free, go out to dinner with friends and family without feeling like a social outcast, and avoid obsessing over how to plan every single activity in the day to make sure you have just enough brain power and energy before you crash for 2 days.

I have news for you.

Your return to health is possible and does NOT have to be overly complicated.  Your circumstances are so common in our EBV community, and there’s an excellent chance you could start to feel better quite soon with the right support! And there is support!

If this story sounds at all like you and your situation,
then I'd like to invite you to check out...

The EBV Transformational Workshop!

Here's a taste of what's in store in the live event:

  • You will be able to leave behind your anxiety and fears about your health because of Epstein-Barr Virus
  • ​By learning hidden truths about EBV, You will gain more internal peace, starting your personal healing process 
  • ​You will learn the simplest and fastest tools [my favorite hacks for our students] to start turning off the virus already, including simple yet powerful hacks for your kitchen
  • ​You'll stop the cycle of confusion and overwhelm caused by EBV
  • You will finally feel connected, supported, heard, unstuck and hopeful about the future possibilities - and you will LOVE our small group breakout rooms with other EBV Heroes [everyone's favorite!]
  • ​Your heart will expand to allow more joy into your life moving forward
  • We will ​laugh and cry together and release old patterns that no longer serve you  
  • ​You will make friends! We encourage you to stay connected 
  • ​You will have space to breathe, journal, meditate, and go deeper into your personal transformation about moving forward
  • Attentionyou may experience a deep personal transformation as a result!

YES! I want to Finally Feel Joyful, Start My Healing, Enjoy Foods Again and Know I Can Feel Normal Again!

My Promise

Our Workshop stems from the biggest challenges I see in our EBV community - this very specific support can be profoundly healing, so you can start the healing process before you even dive deeper into any clinical work with EBV.
My promise to you is that if you fully commit to these 2 days, your shift and in the way you feel, think, and act towards yourself and your EBV will result in a deep transformation that will help you move forward NOW and FAST too!
Dr. Kines

What We Will Cover

  • Setting the intention for your transformation
  • ​Breathing, meditation, manifestation, clearing, journaling and visualization exercises to help you turn down your EBV right now
  • Sharing what it really means to live with EBV
  • ​Building a community: connecting with others in intimate small groups in break out rooms [everyone's favorite]
  • Self Love Steps: exercises to help with pain, grieving, isolation and fears
  • ​Learning truth about EBV to change your false beliefs from despair to hope
  • ​Letting go of perfectionism as a powerful EBV tool
  • ​Stress hacks that stall EBV and simple mindfulness exercises
  • ​Learning the biggest secret of what is sabotaging your ability to move into healing from EBV

What We Will NOT Cover - we cover all this in a different program!

  • Diagnosis of EBV or related conditions
  • EBV supplement protocols
  • Complete EBV diets
  • ​Questions about your medical symptoms
  • ​Existing protocols for various conditions including EBV
  • ​A complete clinical methodology of EBV recovery (that is an entire program outside of the scope of this Workshop)

Why have we decided to now do this Workshop only Live, 
Camera On, and No Replays?

Please note that we decided to no longer offer replays of this live workshop. Having run this workshop many times previously, we have realized that transformation does not happen when watching a recording. It happens when you are live with a community and are in that flowing energy.

We have also come to understand that our participants really value this experience as a safe container, where they share vulnerable parts of themselves. We want this live event to be a sacred and safe space for you to feel comfortable sharing your journey.

Please plan to have your camera on so we can connect with you and truly get to know you to be able to help you work through the difficulties you have faced. No need to worry that it will be recorded or watched later by people you did not meet during the live event.  Other brave EBV Heroes will be on the call as well cheering you on as you tackle your fears and limitations together.

If you miss the live workshop it's no problem. We don't offer a refund because once you pay for your first time attendance, you can then attend again for FREE each time we run this workshop in the future.
I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the last 2 days, the TW sessions have been very inspiring. While in my mind I know others are going through the same issues, it is quite another thing to get to meet them and see it personally.

Also want to send a thank you to your nephew for his meditation. Really love it and will be using it often!!

Thank you both 😊


Meet Dr. Kines

Dr. Kines is the CEO and Founder of Global Epstein-Barr Virus Institute, a leader in recovery therapy for chronic EBV, a wellness expert, author, and a highly respected doctor of clinical nutrition. 

She is a graduate of Bastyr University, the "Harvard of Natural Medicine" and Maryland University of Integrative Health. Since 2005, Dr. Kines has built an international reputation as a clinical functional nutritionist, from being sought after by Johns Hopkins University to clients globally, to her ground-breaking book The Epstein-Barr Virus Solution.

Dr. Kines has developed a proprietary evidence-based methodology for EBV recovery, which she teaches in her EBV Recovery Program so that any person suffering from EBV has an opportunity to heal from this virus.

Dr. Kines also provides clinical professional training to other practitioners in her Clinical EBV Training and Certification Program and EBV Practitioner Workshop.

Dr. Kines is a passionate advocate for debunking common misinformation about EBV in medical community and lectures on this topic extensively. She's on a mission to bring the truth about EBV to the world globally, so no one needs to suffer needlessly from this misunderstood virus and its complications.

Dr. Kines lives in Kingston WA with a dream to create a healing center for mindfulness and enhancing healing through spiritual retreats and human/equine connection.

Dr. Kines has been featured on...


What Our Community Says

... After this event, I felt more empowered, less isolated, and have been given many tools and suggestions to help with my recovery. Thank you Dr. Kines for your time and insight, it truly has changed my mindset on how to approach EBV.

Judi Paquet

Everything Kasia Kines offers to help her EBV community helps me so much!  I feel empowered and hopeful with the others that I connect with and learn so much on how to heal from this!  Thank you Thank you!!!


I loved the workshop because I needed the connection of other members. Sometimes I feel very isolated and judged by those who think they know how to heal me. This organization has been a life saver for me and added a lot to my life. Thank you for helping us heal and get back into life with a vision of clarity and knowing how to help ourselves! .

... Thank you so much for this ! …I had many ah-ha moments and I was encouraged to keep going after a few months of feeling a little lost and in the weeds. You gained my trust by never making me feel like you did this just to gain more followers or to sell more books, etc. 

I genuinely felt like you formed this workshop because you want to reach a lot of people and help them. Thanks for that. I have been a part of groups like this before only to be discouraged and put off by the amount of self promotion and advertising by the leaders of the group. 

Instead, you offered us incredibly valuable information and made us feel like you care. As a recipient of the 1/2 hour call (still so amazed that I was picked!), I am amazed further. What you offered to us (the time, the advice) would be hundreds of dollars at any functional doctor…and you shared out of the goodness of your heart. 

I’m still trying to figure out, “Did I get to chat with THE author of a book I’m reading?! Did I really get her specific recommendations?! Was that 1-1 call really free?!” Thank you for sharing. Thank you for caring. It means a lot!

Mariah Armstrong
... The EBV Workshop has been very helpful in my quest for vibrant health; I am now very optimistic that I CAN and WILL get my life back! Thanks to this workshop, I now understand that EBV triggers exist, which explains why various things over the years have made me feel worse. I’ve learned about some things I need to do differently to lessen those effects, as well as some things I can do to help my body begin healing. Dr. Kasia touched upon some key nutrition points that are easy to implement right away. Managing stress is crucial to our well-being!

Dr. Kasia is passionately dedicated to helping people learn how to recover their health; she generously gave her time and enthusiasm, numerous tools and a wealth of information that is presented in a way that is not too overwhelming for someone who is not feeling well. 

The exercises were simple things we practiced or discussed during the workshop; then they were compassionately encouraged to continue on our own. This is an easy, excellent beginning to taking charge of your health, and it will empower you to take the next steps that work for you. 

THANK YOU, Dr. Kasia. I’m grateful for all you’re doing to help people challenged by EBV.

Julie A
... The workshop exceeded my expectations. It opened new horizons for me. I engaged in a lot of introspective thought about my life and how it might be influencing the progression of my case of EBV. 

I began to remember what activities brought me joy and why. One of these activities was the research on a topic I found fascinating and was hoping to write a book about. When I “crashed” in Jan 2015 my work on this project was abandoned because of the illness as well as other reasons. 

My NP suggested my problem might be adrenal fatigue; I treated for that. Then I was convinced it was my thyroid; a naturopathic doctor helped with that. But still not feeling as well as I wanted, in March last year I went to a new doctor. She tested for EBV and that’s when I was diagnosed with EBV. Since then I have had a real struggle; but when I read about everyone’s experiences in our Challenge group, I realize how blessed I have been. This community has simply been amazing!

That brings me back to what helps me have joy, which was part of the EBV Workshop. Bottom line – because of it I decided that project of research brought me joy. I realized that—my project will be my therapy! 

That was an epiphany for me! With the tools I just learned, I will employ these practices to keep me from trying to get it perfect and not to let the project consume me—which is something I usually do. AND because I am engaged in something that brings me joy, it will be easier to think positively about my EBV symptoms and in the end turn it off!

The opportunity to be a part of this group has been precious to me. I am grateful for Dr. Kines’ and everyone’s comments and encouragement. 

May we all move forward with a renewed spirit of determination to turn off EBV for good!

Thank you so much Dr. Kasia Kines

Sherrie Smith
Let me start by saying, this is the 2nd review/testimonial I ever wrote in my life, but this is too important to not put this out there. The first one was for a product. This is the only one for a person, I have ever written: I'm writing this because I believe Dr Kines can help you too, if you are reading this!

For me, this workshop was an emotionally and spiritually life changing experience. Its true we did laugh and cry together during the workshop. And though it definitely takes energy and led me into a crash, because it was physically and emotionally and cognitively exhausting for someone with severe/very severe fatigue, (who even a phone call or a shower can lead to a crash), I'm still very glad I did it and put 1000% of myself in to this 2 day workshop and 3 day experience, I wish I would of done it 2 years ago or that I would of found Dr Kines at least 13 years ago! Actually, it would of been best in my situation if I would of found Dr Kines even before that even, before the ebv because, now I know that if I would of had the tools and knowledge that I have now, then my ebv would have never made me symptomatic in the first place. Which is the good news for me and for everyone of us, because it means, it is possible to heal from ebv, even caebv, and Dr Kines book and programs do have the holistic tricks to help boost your immunity to help supress/turn off your ebv and to help prevent re-activation. Whether or not that is the solution to your individual health problems, only you can decide that. However, if there's even a slight chance that Dr Kines workshops or book or programs could improve your quality of life or give you back your life, then, you need to try this before any more of your life passes you by!

I'm also very glad and thankful for my quantum leap call with Dr Kines! It brought me some much needed support and nudged me in the correct direction for my own next best step! This entire experience helped me find an online community of kind hearted people also suffering, that I think I might continue to find hope and emotional support from. It does help to be reminded that Im not the only one going through this terrible health nightmare. But more than anything, it brought me some sort of clarification and in a way peace of mind. It reinforced and reminded me of my "zen" old authentic self. It did not change my physical health yet. It did not give me back my health or life yet. But it was only 2 days. To expect that after a 2 day workshop is too high an expectation. But, I'm still hoping and praying and manifesting and believing and visualizing and dreaming that it will help me continue to improve my health and quality of life and hopefully restore my full independence and pre-ebv functioning and let me live a beautiful life again!

I would have always regretted it if I didn't do this workshop and quantum leap call with Dr Kines. If nothing else, if you or your loved one think you or your loved one have ebv or caebv or reactivated ebv or know you or your loved one have it or even have had it but don't anymore but still need to heal emotionally or spiritually in order to let go of the anger and hurt that ebv has caused you or your loved one (because sometimes the loved ones of someone with ebv need the emotional spiritual healing just as much as the person who physically has gone through or is going through ebv, then I would say ... this workshop is for you! Dr Kines is truly authentic and genuine and beaming with light, love, hope, and positive, encouraging, energy and words! Just to meet her, made it a positive experience because she is that awesome and knowledgeable! Her team is also very helpful and inspiring, especially Rachel! Everything that Dr Kines and her team says comes from their hearts! For me, their personal stories brought me some added hope! Also, when the ebv recovery students come to the workshop and talk about how far they have come, that is super hope adding and encouraging too! Whether you are battling ebv, mono, or other types infections either chronic or acute, or even toxicities, especially from mold toxin exposure or cirs or honestly even mecfs or autoimmunity or gut issues or other complex chronic conditions from mysterious symptoms of unknown root causes, I do suggest Dr. Kines book and trying her transformational workshop or her supplement or nutritional dietary workshops first before you decide whether or not to try her big ebv recovery 10 month program. And I cannot stress this enough, if you have the blessed opportunity to have a quantum leap call 1 on 1, with Dr Kines, do it! Mostly because Dr Kines is truly as amazing as she seems if not more so! She is truly a blessing to the world and a hero to chronic illness warriors especially to those with ebv! The 2 day transformative workshop definitely did not give me back my life, but if there was any way at all that I could possibly afford it, in a heart beat, I would definitely be joining her 10 month EBV recovery program because I believe in it and in her and in my healing! If you can financially find a way to budget it in, then I suggest registering for any and every opportunity for joining Dr Kine's programs or workshops! She is also extremely kind, sweet, humble, down to earth, uplifting, thoughtful, and caring and spreads her kindness and joy to everyone of us who is blessed enough to get to meet her (even just virtually through zoom)! PS If you cannot afford to pay for her workshops or are too foggy or weak or fatigued to follow an intense 2 day or 10 month workshop quite yet, I highly suggest trying her free workshops or joining her Facebook support group page or buying her book! You have nothing to lose! And a restored life to gain! And honestly, I don't think anyone can walk away from a Dr Kines workshop or interaction with Dr Kines and not get at least something beneficial out of it! Thank you Dr Kines for being you! Keep healing those of us that traditional medicine has left to fend for ourselves! God bless! I hope and pray our paths meet again! And to anyone reading this, especially those who have been sick for soooo long, in pain, weak, stuck in bed, alone, lost, and losing hope, never give up, because you never know what joy and what healing could of been in your future if you wouldn't have given up! You're NOT alone! Our days may not be "good" until we restore our health and can live a life instead of just exist or survive, but no matter what, there is always something "good" and something to be grateful for every single day! I wish, hope, and pray that we are all healed! And for that, I strongly suggest Dr. Kines to all! She truly literally saves lives!

Nicole M.

"Before You Do Anything else for Your EBV, this Transformational Workshop Is Your
Key To Success - It Will Help You
Start Your EBV Healing Journey NOW"
Dr. Kines


YES! I want to Finally Feel Joyful, Start My Healing, Enjoy Foods Again and Know I Can Feel Normal Again!

P.S. - A peace of mind and a new path to healing from EBV is worth SO MUCH MORE than $47. This special price is only available for a limited time...!

P.P.S. - Let me help you stop worrying that the next reactivation incapacitates you and throws you back in bed.

What this situation calls for is instruction and encouragement from someone who's been in the trenches when it comes to helping EBV sufferers just like you improve their lives.

Even I developed EBV reactivation late in 2021 and then in early 2022, first time in my life. That was that. Done. Not many people know that - now you do! 

Join us, so you can start living pain-free and worry-free! You can finally feel like a human being, understanding the weakest links in EBV and your strongest capacity to heal from it. THIS is where recovery from EBV begins.

The EBV Transformational Workshop is your key to living with a clear path - without planning around your next reactivation. You’ll walk away with insights and transformations that will help guide you and inform your decisions as you navigate your health in future - you will find that finally your world is shifting and expanding, your body is stronger and the clouds of fatigue and brain fog are lifting.

Your happiness with what this Workshop provides is my highest priority. It is my heart's desire to be of service and help you move forward and upward! And I promise you will not be disappointed. No one should suffer from EBV needlessly, not on my watch.

Simply sign up above, as you have nothing to lose, and I'll see you on the inside!

Dr. Kasia 

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