Are you frustrated that no matter how hard you both try,  
Some of your most complicated patients 
just don't get better?

Learn from an EBV expert how to give your patients their lives back 
When their conditions are caused by Epstein-Barr Virus,

And in the process, experience a more sustainable practice
and a deeper satisfaction from serving the most under-served community!

I've Been There

Do you feel conflicted, frustrated and exhausted... even overwhelmed...
while trying so hard to help your patients? 

Do you feel you're failing some of your most dedicated 
and committed patients and you're hitting the wall 
no matter how hard you both try?

Have you started to suffer from an impostor syndrome
"What the hell do I know?"........ "I do not know enough..."
Those patients, after all, put their trust and their health in your hands...
Your confidence drops as your self-doubt blows in your face...

I've been there...

It was a few years ago. I had years of experience in a successful clinical nutrition practice and more and more complex clients were knocking on my door. There came a point when I could not help some of them no matter what I did and how committed we both were. They had autoimmunity (some rare conditions too), gut infections, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, SIBO, perhaps Celiac...and the list goes on.  We did all the right things that normally worked, in vain. 

I was increasingly frustrated knowing they SHOULD be getting better as expected, but would not.  And then 3 clients in a row asked me for my professional opinion on Medical Medium, a hot book at the time. I reluctantly read it on the plane to a medical conference and almost fell off the chair - what if it was true that a nasty virus was behind some of these most complex issues my clients struggled with? The stories in the book matched my clients so well it was unnerving! On a more personal note, I had lost a close friend to MS and had lingering pain of my failure to help her. If, as the book claimed, MS was caused  by EBV, could I have helped her survive had I known this? I cried. Then I got really angry. Why had I not heard of this before?

The rest is history. I  needed to verify this claim, so I spent thousands of hours reading all medical literature I could find, learning everything we knew about EBV, testing for it, proper lab interpretation, and evidence-based solutions, and I immediately applied what I learned with those clients of mine.  Confirmation came - some fo these "complex cases" were indeed positive for EBV! I devoured virology in my doctoral program, honed in on a protocol, and started to see a fast and consistent improvement in previously stubborn cases. Our results were so powerful that I was repeatedly asked to write it all in a book, so I did!... Almost 580 pages. But then I realized we needed an online program that was hands on for people to actually go through a process methodically to heal...  so I created  one and transformations started to happen! ...But then I realized that to really change the way EBV is treated in medical practice (or rather mis-treated, misdiagnosed or ignored), I had a responsibility to bring this message to doctors and other practitioners - so I started to train my colleagues and a new generation of nutritionists.  This program is for you, so together we can make this world a better place for millions of patients  with chronic EBV that have fallen through the cracks and whose lives are still wasting away.

That is why, today, I am thrilled to invite you to THE ONLY evidence-based, 
proven practitioner training on EBV so you too can help your patients!

 Are You Ready for the EBV Practitioner Workshop? 
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  • Step 4: After the Workshop, schedule a 45-minute FREE Exit Strategy Session with me so that I can help you bullet-proof your EBV Protocol ($997 Value!)
  • ​... Once you complete the Workshop, you'll be eligible for the EBV Clinician Training and Certification Program, a 4-month mentorship with me working through your real cases in real time, so you can confidently tackle even the complicated EBV cases. We will discuss that in your Strategy Session.


FREE Strategy Session  ($499 value) [25 minutes]

EBV Practitioner Workshop: $1997 or 3 monthly payments of $680

FREE Exit Strategy Session ($997 value) [45 minutes]

Why Is There an Application? 

Your application will give me needed insight into your practice, patients, goals, challenges, and EBV experience so far, so I can strategize the Workshop for you for best results for your practice.

EBV Practitioner Workshop

Do you, like me, struggle clearing schedule for trainings you'd love to take?

This is why, the Workshop is now at your convenience- on demand!  

Our live Workshop has been recorded  - you can benefit from our group discussions and shares.
You can do this in just one or two days: block a few hours each day, relax, sit back, click play and go.
PLEASE DO NOT SKIP topics. Go in the order listed!

Here Are the Topics You Will Learn!

Day One

Discussion: EBV in Your Practice so far
Lecture: EBV Experience for You and Your Patients
Lecture: EBV Prevalence, Infection Types/Mechanisms,
and Medical Conditions Caused by/Associated with EBV
Groups: Your Experience/Challenges with EBV Testing
Lecture: Advanced  Labs for EBV
Lecture: Immunoglobulin Modulation
Group Workshop: Lab Interpretation - Sample Cases
Discussion: Q&A and Discussion
Groups: EBV Triggers and Complications in your Practice
Lecture: EBV Complications and Triggers

Day Two

Groups: Food, Supplements, and Diets You Tried
Lecture: Anti-EBV Modulation: Evidence and Practice
Lecture: EBV Recovery Protocol - First 30 Days

Groups: What Will Your Protocol Be?
Lecture: EBV Recovery Protocol - Next 60 Days
Lecture: EBV Complications and Solutions, including:
4 Bonuses: EMF, Mold, Heavy Metals, Transactivation
Discussion: Q&A and Discussion! Your Input and Your Qs
Go in More Depth with mentorship in the
Advanced 4-Month 
EBV Clinician Training and Certification Program


Epstein-Barr Virus is an elephant in the room. 
It hides behind medical conditions like 
chronic fatigue syndrome 
and many common autoimmune disorders like 
Hashimoto's, Lupus and even Celiac (yes Celiac!!!!)...

And then there's cancer too. EBV is oncogenic.

Medical research clearly states that when people fail to respond to therapy 
and in "idiopathic" cases (aka medical mysteries), chronic EBV should be suspected 
and at least tested to be excluded. 

And yet, despite ample research, people with EBV are NOT getting the help they need 
and millions of those undiagnosed or misdiagnosed people continue to suffer.

Sometimes for decades.

By learning how to identify missed EBV in your "complicated" patients 
and how to use evidence-based methodology I developed 
to lead them to recovery from the virus, 
you will be able to reach a new level 
of personal and professional fulfillment in your practice.


In this exclusive one-on-a-kind online clinical training, you will learn exactly when to suspect EBV, how to avoid testing pitfalls and how to interpret the lab results correctly within the patients’ context. 

You will learn how to help your patients recover from this debilitating infection with the successful evidence-based and practical methodology that I developed for my own clients.
You will overcome confusion of what is and is not Epstein-Barr Virus and how to distinguish EBV from other potential health challenges.

You will build confidence of being able to train your patients how to assess their EBV status and how to stop and, even better, altogether prevent their EBV from reactivating.

You will build a thriving practice as a result!

[February 2020 Group Enrollment Opens soon]

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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Kasia Kines. I am a doctor of clinical nutrition, better known as a go-to world expert on Epstein-Barr Virus, and I've helped hundreds and hundreds of people heal from their EBV.  My alumni practitioners are just like you: medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, functional medicine practitioners and clinical nutritionists. They are now successfully helping their patients with EBV. In my years of deciphering EBV, I have been able to hone in on what actually really works for people with EBV and their doctors the best. I so love helping people with EBV live their lives again. I can't wait to watch you do the same!

Here's What I Know

that You Should NOT Be Able to Help
 the Failing Patients You So Care about, 
when EBV Is Actually
Treatable and Reversible.
My turn-key methodology
will make you the hero 
your patients are hoping for!

Here is My Promise to You:

 If you commit to this Workshop, join me as your guide, 
and follow my methodology exactly, 
not only will you be able to help 
your EBV patients get their lives back, 
but you will also create more joy and a deeper satisfaction 
knowing you are of highest service to the most hurting community.
 The added stability in your practice 
will also give you balance in your life as you will create more time and space for yourself.

I'm Not Sure if My "Complicated" Patients Have EBV...

The Fastest Way to Find Out:  
Give them this EBV QUIZ!

Our practitioners find this EBV QUIZ  to be a very beneficial tool. You can use it immediately in your practice for both new and established patients. And it is absolutely free. It is my gift for you and your community. You can download it immediately.

I carefully crafted this extensive 4-page EBV QUIZ  to give everyone the ability to determine if the mysterious symptoms and conditions are due to EBV and to gain more insights into their own medical history. This will help them connect the dots to see if indeed EBV may have been a hidden part of that history and the possible reason why they cannot get their life back no matter what they and their doctors try.

The EBV QUIZ  has been used extensively in our EBV Recovery Program and the practitioner communities.  Practitioners now can screen their patients before even venturing into lab testing. I also recommend using the EBV QUIZ  if your patients' EBV test results are confusing, which happens for many reasons (which you will also learn about in detail in the Workshop). 

This can become your greatest EBV asset. The best part is that I curated it based on medical studies and clinical presentations of EBV I have seen. Some are obvious and expected, but there are many presentations and conditions that very few doctors would ever associate with this virus, which are, nevertheless, documented in medical literature. To give you some examples, 75% of people with acute EBV have headaches, not a symptoms typically associated with EBV. EBV can cause sensitivity to mosquito bites, nose bleeds, chronically low name a few. It can also trigger rare or obscure autoimmune conditions and certain types of cancer. 

The most exciting part for me is when a patient says, oh no I do not have any of the [obvious] conditions related to EBV. But then they go over the EBV QUIZ and have a few aha moments. This is a wonderful conversation starter and ice-breaker if you want to start to investigate EBV fir doubtful patients in a quick, free and non-invasive way!
Get the EBV QUIZ for Your Patient here, FREE

Here's What Others Are Saying

- Ann Auburn, Doctor of Osteopathy
Founder of Natural Health Improvement Center P.C.

"I've been telling everyone how smart you are and how well your program has been working 
on my patients!"

- Laura D’Itri, Functional Medicine Practitioner 

“I have been using Dr. Kines’ protocols since 2017, and I get wonderful results with my patients. We DO these protocols and they help. Tremendously. They get my patients not only their energy but their lives back.”

- Liz Lipski, PhD, CNS, CCN, CHN
Professor of Clinical Nutrition and Director of Academic Development, Nutrition Program, MUIH Author on nutrition, including “Digestion Connection”

“Dr. Kines has deep clinical expertise in the field of integrative and functional nutrition. While long a digestive expert, Kasia has deeply researched into the depths of chronic Epstein-Barr Virus and how many of our patients/clients who suffer from mystery conditions can be helped by going down this pathway. If you have patients/clients who are stuck, Dr. Kines’ mentoring can help.
As Dr. Abram Hoffer said, ‘If a patient has seen more than three physicians,
nutrition is probably the medical answer.’”

- Dr. Jessica Drummond, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, DCN, CCN, PT
Founder of Integrative Women’s Health Institute and Integrative Pelvic Health Institute

“Dr. Kasia Kines is one of the most brilliant, and – importantly – clinically experienced functional nutritionists in the world. She has a depth of understanding of biochemistry, food, and patient care. I highly recommend learning from her, especially in the areas of chronic viral infections, SIBO, and for better understanding how to unravel the health challenges of patients with chronic, complex conditions. She is a compassionate mentor who will teach you a lot!” 

Apply Today and You'll Learn How to:

Those patients with chronic illness, chronic fatigue or autoimmune conditions who are actually struggling from EBV and don't know it 
EBV lab results to make sound clinical decisions with your patients
Which health conditions and challenges in your patients are driven by EBV
A turn-key methodology with the most strategic, practical, and effective tools to help your EBV patients get their lives back
And learn how to deal with common complications that come with EBV
Your patients how to anticipate, understand, and, even better, stop EBV reactivations
Your patients freedom, empowerment, and hope as they are able to live their lives again and understand their EBV moving forward
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Strategy Session:  FREE
or 3 Monthly Payments of $680

[February 2020 Group Enrollment Opens soon]

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[February 2020 Group Enrollment Opens soon]

Get Priority Notification For The Next Group
Afraid this Program Will Not Work 
For Your "Complex Cases"? 
It WILL: I've Got You Covered!
Epstein-Barr Virus is 

... Predictable
... Treatable
... and Reversible

That is what medical literature says. 

My clinical experience confirms that people can heal from EBV if given the right tools.

There are certain complications that prevent the EBV protocol from working fully, where things still get in the way.

In the EBV Practitioner Workshop, we will discuss the most common EBV complications I see, so that you know exactly what to do if things do not go as planned! We have a system mapped out how to understand where the virus is and how it is working in the patient...  

You will also learn what to do with most common complications like mold, co-infections, heavy metals, and Wi-Fi technology, all of which can complicate the EBV progress for your patients...

You also have 2 Strategy Calls, one before and one after your Workshop, so we can discuss the anticipated challenges. 

I've got you covered. 

Bonuses and Perks

  • Amazon Best Selling book The EBV Solution: You will receive an exclusive access to the PDF version of my book, for quick reference checking! Nearly 600 pages of relevant materials, often called the "EBV Bible". When you need a particular clinical detail right away, all you need to do is type it into the search box! A time and energy saver.
  • Ongoing Updates: You will have lifetime access to beneficial added materials for your patients.
  • Exit Strategy Session: I have added this services at no extra cost so that you can have the biggest success with your patients right away, maximizing the new knowledge and resources you will have gained in the Workshop ($997 Value).
  • ​Priority Access to 10 Spots in our next 4-Month EBV Clinician Training and Certification Program: This is a deeper hands-on dive with your patients in real time for which the EBV Practitioner Workshop is a requirement; as our Workshop alumni, you will be able to secure the seat for the 4-Month Program.  I only run one to two 4-Month Programs a year (January and September), and because it is a high touch program and includes extra certification work 1-1, we only open 10 spots at a time. You will be able to secure your spot in the 4-Month Program with a deposit as soon as you enroll in the Workshop and we get on the Strategy Call. The 4 Month Program is NOT open to practitioners who have not completed the EBV Practitioner Workshop.
  • ​Referral  Partnership: We offer professional partnership and offer referral fees for referrals of other practitioners or people with EBV to our Programs. We spread the love and want to share not only successes but financial gains with you and give back.
  • ​Patient Cheat Sheets: You will get practical check lists for your patients for foods, botanicals, reactivating triggers, complete color coded supplement protocols, and self-assessments, which will help them stay on track and gauge their success.
  • Hundreds of Pages of Patient Resources: From recipes to trouble shooting, dietary complications to kitchen projects, you will have access to hundreds of pages of carefully curated materials that I use with my students and clients with EBV. As mentioned above, I continue updating and adding patient materials.
Let Me Ask You A Question:
If you don't learn how to help your EBV patients, what will happen to them? 
Let me tell you what I see all too often
  • Time Wasted: They have spent 2-40 years trying to figure out why they are so sick; all they have is a list of diagnoses and misdiagnoses.
  • ​ Money Lost: ​They have spent thousands of dollars on medical care, testing, and supplements and are not better (5K-200K).
  • Lack of Support: They've already gone to five, ten, or fifty doctors so far—perhaps even traveled out of state to get help, and are still looking.
  • ​Hard Work with Little Effect: They've worked so hard to change their diet— have tried it all: paleo, autoimmune paleo, ketogenic, vegan, raw... but at the end of the day, no matter how hard they try, no diet has given them their life back.
  • Medical Disability: They either had to get disability or are fighting for it now. Or, even worse, they cannot get it because they do not have a clear diagnosis.
  • Career Stalled: They had to take a medical leave from work to try to figure out how to get better.
  • ​ ​Job Lost: They may have already lost their job or had to walk away— they just were not able to maintain work. I've seen young professionals so disabled that they had to move back in with their parents. 
  • ​Isolation: No one seems to understand the depth of their physical pain, fatigue, their brain fog, anxiety, and fears. They are completely alone and marginalized. The only communities are support groups online, which can be a depressing spiral.
  • ​Loss of Relationships: I have seen the strain EBV puts on spouses, marriages, friendships, and family dynamics. Some have already lost their marriage or a significant other.
  • Despondency: They have not heard a message of hope or possible recovery from any doctor; in fact, they may not have found one doctor that believes their chronic EBV is the root cause of their disability or that it can be treated or reversed.

You Can Finally Stop Worrying!

You no longer have to be anxious about how to help your patients.

Instead, watch them come to live.

Feel deeply fulfilled professionally and personally.

And finally, enjoy some more me-time as well.

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Strategy Session:  FREE
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The Program is non-refundable. The Protocol you will learn can singlehandedly change your practice and your patients' lives when used properly. That’s why I’m confident you’ll get much more value from it than the fee you invest. 
We do not provide refunds because once you enroll, you have complete access to all materials and turn-key methodology that took years to develop.
Is the Epstein-Barr Virus Practitioner Workshop required to do the full 4-Month EBV Clinician Training and Certification Program?
This Workshop is a requirement for the advanced 4-Month  Program. 
Will the Epstein-Barr Virus Practitioner Workshop contain the same information as the EBV Clinician Training and Certification Program? 
No,  the Certification Program will build on what you learn in the Workshop and will go much deeper, focusing on your real cases of your current patients in real time. The Certification Program does not include material from the 2-day Workshop but will include an interactive  review of the information in the Workshop.  Material provided will be new.

Does the EBV Practitioner Workshop count as a mentorship program, allocating CNS hours for those who still need to complete them?
Neither the EBV Practitioner Workshop nor the EBV Clinician Training and Certification Program can be used to satisfy any credential needs at this time.
Can a Health Coach take the Epstein-Barr Virus Practitioner Workshop?
Yes, we are very excited to offer the Workshop for Health Coaches - with the understanding that they use the information provided within their scope of practice - that will be their responsibility. We are thrilled to announce that coming soon, we will add a special  EBV Certified Health Coach track to this Training. We believe a Health Coach that wants to specialize in EBV should know exactly what the licensed practitioners use as the EBV methodology in order to then help their patients as Health Coaches.
Does the EBV Practitioner Workshop offer CEUs?
No. I discuss particular brands of supplements I find most effective and as a result, I am not able to offer CEUs. My goal is to set you up for success and I need to be able to specifically state the supplements that have worked best clinically.
Does the EBV Practitioner Workshop address cases when the EBV Protocol will not work, and further detail what to do in those cases?
Absolutely it does. This is also covered further in depth in the 4-Month Program when we will be working together solving your client cases. Also, while EBV is quite predictable, it would be unreasonable for me to make guarantees that every single person will respond to it. 
Will lab testing and lab interpretation be covered?
Yes. it is a vital component of your clinical decisions.
Is the EBV Practitioner Training recorded if I have to miss some sessions? 
The whole Workshop is now recorded and on demand.  There are no live sessions.
Is there a refund policy?
This Workshop is not refundable.
Why don't you offer CEUs?
EBV is a big virus and requires a very aggressive supplement protocol, and this training provides the exact protocol I am using, dosages, brands and all.
Why is the Workshop by application only?
I understand that this is not a usual set up. I value each practitioner and I want to know as much as I can about their practice, challenges, questions, and also professional/personal dreams and aspirations. The application is thorough and helps me understand quickly how to support you and your patients the best with this training. I also want to make sure this Workshop is right for you. As a result, during our Intro Strategy Call, I have an opportunity to provide additional individualized guidance on the Workshop.
What is the purpose of Exit Strategy Session?
Imagine that you jump into the EBV Practitioner Workshop and spend all weekend going over all the materials. You have just drank from the firehose! It is really important for me to be able to sit down with you, answer all your questions and concerns, help you strategize the protocol to fit your patient population best, and make sure you have confidence to walk into your clinic on Monday and know exactly what to do! This is my commitment to you and your patients and clients.
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Dr. Kines is the CEO and Founder of Global Epstein-Barr Virus Institute, a global leader in recovery therapy for chronic EBV, an Amazon best-selling author of The Epstein-Barr Virus Solution, a wellness expert, and a highly respected doctor of clinical nutrition.

She is a graduate of masters in clinical nutrition at Bastyr University, the "Harvard of Natural Medicine"and of doctorate in functional clinical nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health.
Since 2005, Dr. Kines has built an international reputation as a clinical functional nutritionist, from being sought after by Johns Hopkins University and working closely with Dr. Gerard Mullin, MD, to clients globally, to her ground-breaking book about Epstein-Barr Virus.

Dr. Kines has developed a proprietary evidence-based methodology and approach to EBV recovery, which is now available to anyone suffering from the virus in the EBV Recovery Program. She also provides professional clinical training to other practitioners in an on-demand EBV Practitioner Workshop and an advanced four month Clinical EBV Training and Certification Program.

Dr. Kines is a passionate advocate for debunking common misinformation about EBV in medical community and lectures on this topic extensively. She is on a mission to bring her EBV knowledge and solution to the world globally, so no one needs to suffer needlessly from this misunderstood virus and its complications.